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Sex Education
is broken,
we're here
to fix it

Curious is a new digital platform that uses a game based approach to teach relationship + sex education

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How it works

Why we are fixing Sex Education


Of school children

have been

sexually harassed


Of school children have been put under pressure to provide sexual images of themselves


Of women aged 18-21 have been sexually harassed


Rapes recorded by the Police in England and Wales in 2022.

*5 in 6 rapes

are not reported

Sexual Violence is a huge problem in our society that effects millions of people worldwide everyday.

Research suggests that high quality and engaging sex ed is the key to tackling sexual violence.

Individuals who receive comprehensive sex education are more likely to engage in safe and healthy sexual behaviour, and less likely to experience sexual violence.

Want to see our prototype?

Curious Prototype Demo
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How we are going to fix it

Using a game-based approach that engages young people and supports teachers

Our games are designed to be interactive and engaging, providing players with opportunities to practice skills like communication, negotiation, and boundary-setting.

By learning through play, players can develop a deeper understanding of healthy relationship dynamics and consent.

Our games covers the government’s curriculum plus additional topics deemed important by our expert sex educators.

Can you help us in our mission to end sexual violence?
We need investors, partners, advisors and to expand our team. 
Any investment or connections you can help us with takes us one step closer to achieving our goal of fixing sex education and ending sexual violence. 

If you are interested or know someone who might be,

please get in touch:

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Curious: The New Game Revolutionising Sex Ed
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Long term growth

We tackle the hard topic of sex-ed first, but quickly expand and grow!



Focus on sex ed and get critical market penetration.

Roll out to teach essential life skills and grow our audience and school base.